Century Country Club... A History

Century Country Club was started informally in March, 1898 and was incorporated on May 4th of that year. There are several theories as to how the name Century was chosen, including the possible intention to limit the membership to 100 and the establishment of the Club near the turn of the century.

Among the more illustrious founding members were bankers Otto Kahn, Felix Warburg. Arthur. Philip, Siegmund Lehman and James Loeb; industrialists Benjamin Solomon and William Guggenheim, Charles Liebman and Adolph Lewisohn; Eugene Meyer. Jr. who served three U.S. Presidents and owned the Washington Post; Henry Morganthau, a diplomat and financier; merchants Lazarus, Isador, Nathan. Jesse, and Percy Straus of R.H. Macy. Isador and Ida Straus as well as Benjamin Guggenheim died aboard the Titanic in 1912.